How to live in a world where marriage is in decline

Social transformation

In 1996 the Hoover Institution published a symposium titled “Can Government Save the Family?” A who’s-who list of culture warriors—including Dan Quayle, James Dobson, John Engler, John Ashcroft, and David Blankenhorn—were asked, “What can government do, if anything, to make sure that the overwhelming majority of American children grow up with a mother and father?” […]

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Do we really know our children?

Role of parents

Unfortunately, we do not really know our children. Sandeep discovered this reality the hard way as he and his wife started to ‘home educate’ their daughter. Expectedly, one of our research interests has been to uncover how much of the current state of entropy prevalent in school education (or education across the board for that […]

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Evaluating if there is any good in the Olympiads, ‘Smart classes’, ‘IIT coaching in schools’, ‘NASA trips’

Note on supplementary education

A recurring theme in the book is the medium to long term ill-effects of supplementary inputs (such as tuition) on children’s academic performance and overall development; too many masters are never a good idea. It must also be emphasised that schools are professionally best organised and resourced to offer ‘educationally appropriate’ inputs. More specifically, we […]

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