The design of schools linked to the state of the society they are part of

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Educational imperatives are organically derived out of the state of a society. In turn, the educational imperatives dictate the design of the schools. The following tabular representation links the educational imperatives (which emerge out of the specific conditions of the society) and the key elements of the school designed to secure the educational imperatives.The table […]

Future of MBA

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Management’s three eras: A brief history – Rita McGrath (July 30, 2014) Managers still assume that stability is the normal state of affairs and change is the unusual state. Organisations still emphasise exploitation of existing advantages, driving a short-term orientation that many bemoan. Corporations continue to focus too narrowly on shareholders, with terrible consequences – […]

Societies determine the educational imperatives of their children

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The state of a society dictates the educational imperatives for its children. For instance, we can easily explore the state of society of the current developed world in the early 19th century when it was rapidly industrializing (around the time schools started to get mass-scaled) and see for ourselves how the educational imperatives naturally emerged […]

How children can become good reader in english when their parents do not read in english

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It makes better sense to discuss this question with parents. The discussion that follows could be shared with parents, without any need to edit. There is a good news here. Reading as a skill is fairly independent of the language of reading! In other words, reading is a highly transferable skill across languages; a good […]

Future of Democracy

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Democracy 2.0: Iceland crowdsources new constitution – Roos Jerome (June 11, 2011) Just two or three years after its economy and government collapsed, Iceland is bouncing back with remarkable strength. This week, the small island nation earned praise from foreign investors despite allowing its banks to collapse and refusing to pay back some of its […]

Future of conflict and combat

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The New Digital Age (Book excerpt from The New Digital Age by Schmidt Eric and Cohen Jared) It’s easy to understand why governments and militaries like robots and other unmanned systems for combat: They never tire, they never feel fear or emotion, they have superhuman capabilities and they always follow orders. As Singer points out, […]