How can parents help in the preparation of competitive exams?

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It makes better sense to discuss this question with parents. The discussion that follows could be shared with parents, without any need to edit. If career choices are made in Classes XI or XII, then Engineering is the only feasible option; engineering offers the easiest admission opportunities in India – there is always an engineering […]

Evaluating if there is any good in the Olympiads, ‘Smart classes’, ‘IIT coaching in schools’, ‘NASA trips’

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A recurring theme in the book is the medium to long term ill-effects of supplementary inputs (such as tuition) on children’s academic performance and overall development; too many masters are never a good idea. It must also be emphasised that schools are professionally best organised and resourced to offer ‘educationally appropriate’ inputs. More specifically, we […]

Ideal financial planning for the higher education of children

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Education has become fairly expensive in absolute terms and calls for better planning of finances. There is an interesting twist, however, to the whole context, goals, and the process of higher education – the best quality higher education could increasingly be organised outside formal classrooms! And at the prices comparable to 1990s levels and lesser! […]