What educators need to do to curb cyber-bullying?

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Schools need to start with a formal assessment of the extent and scope of the problem of cyber-bullying within their school by collecting survey and/or interview data from their students, teachers, parents, staff and technical experts to establish the baseline measures of Internet usages, instances of cyber-bullying, the extent of bullying, profiles of victims and […]

Preparing for an aging humanity

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By 2020, individuals aged 60 and older will be greater in number than children younger than five. By 2050, the world’s older adult population will have doubled to 2 billion. These numbers are striking. Cognitive decline, strained pension schemes, and burgeoning healthcare costs: are we prepared for tomorrow’s complex longevity challenges? These challenges provide unique […]

How to live in a world where marriage is in decline

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In 1996 the Hoover Institution published a symposium titled “Can Government Save the Family?” A who’s-who list of culture warriors—including Dan Quayle, James Dobson, John Engler, John Ashcroft, and David Blankenhorn—were asked, “What can government do, if anything, to make sure that the overwhelming majority of American children grow up with a mother and father?” […]