Superpowering every family for longitudinal success!

A new future, new era = a new educational philosophy, processes and resources

Our children's nature is to be nurtured, this nurture is near 100% social.
Nurture is education human infant to young adult, it makes us human.
The ONLY business of all societies is the best-quality education of ALL children.
The ONLY business of states is 'to pull out all the stops' in economic dignity of ALL.
The Liberal School is the AI-age educational complement and supplement to families, communities, and societies. It resources learners, empowers parents, and sci-tech centred.

The Liberal School (TLS)

TLS de-formalises education, and 'school years' as the be-all and end-all to be educated in the AI-age!
A five year program (Grades IV-VIII) inventively secures culturally well-rooted young adults, & catalyses local resources to learn by promoting 'Glocal education' for a prosperous society and dignity for all

Only of its kind resource, globally

The world’s first ‘family edition’ curricular (over 60)books in K-12 Math, Sciences, Social Sciences (till X), and Primary GS for learners.

These books, authored by the Founders, form the essential backbone for reading a curated set of nearly 500 books over the five years of TLS.

Educationally, the soundest (as yet)

The resources and processes at TLS make the best of childhood, juvenile, and teen years, as well as the digital intelligence.

TLS also capiltalises on the unique childhood phase (18 – 90 months).

Economic revolution of educational system

K-12, and every other layer and form of formal education, is becoming endlessly expensive.

The economics of K-12 is now crippling the best funded education systems in the world.

TLS is ‘pay for use’, ‘parent learn and save cost’, 365 & 8 – 8 (realistic care), ‘cultural calendar’.

Organised for whole-human development, ‘inverted K-12 timetables’

TLS pioneers STAMP education (Science, Technology, Arts, Math, Philosophy) through an empowered, seamless school-home continuum that actualises accelerated development.

Why TLS?

Economic imperatives dominate social systems. Education, a critical social institution, and economic system and necessities bear a symbiotic relationship.

Economic system​

Economic system​

(expected personality of adults)

Economic system​

1IR Industrial System (mechanical) and later 2IR Industrial System (electrical)

Industrial workers had to be developed out of agricultural workers.

Informal + K-12 (standard) The current school system (K-12) was invented in early to middle 18th century to be mass, global, and standard. First *formal education emerged.

3IR Industrial System (electronics)

Industrial workers of a new kind were needed for far more sci-tech world with new genre, vastly varied, and increasingly immersive applications of science and technology.

Informal + K-12 (variations) In the past few decades, schools administrators have significantly expanded school goals to deliver whole-person development, career prep, and social innovations to best support the change in the economic system

4IR and AI Industrial System
(including ‘Big data’ powered revolution in science, technology, research, and innovation)

Every one of us a full-potential human to multi-dimensionally complement AI.**
Sharpening learnability Personalising processes and resources Increasing personal agency Sure success in math and science (all three) Internalising social sciences Innovation and research

Expanded informal + Much shorter ‘K-12’
There are too many dimensions at play in the creation of the new formal system, that caters to all the educational goals

*Formal education system refers to securing knowledge outside of community and family.
**Human capabilities are infinite at personal and societal levels (diversity). 4IR complements human capabilities to expand individual opportunities like never before, to ensure all adults can be productive. Thus, the capability of lifelong complement to AI is the new goal

PRE-TLS (Grades I-III)

(To Prep for Grades IV-VIII of K-12)
Pre-TLS resources capiltalises the unique childhood phase (18 – 90 months).