How Unilever is leveraging AI for better staff quality

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It’s hard to live a day in the developed world without using a Unilever product. The multinational manufactures and distributes over 400 consumer goods brands covering food and beverages, domestic cleaning products and personal hygiene. With so many processes to coordinate and manage, artificial intelligence is quickly becoming essential for organizations of its scale. This […]

Role of physical education in enhancing the quality of education

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Physical education and sports in education Sports involve physical exertion and skills that are used by individuals or teams to compete against another individual or other teams for entertainment. It includes playing, recreational activities, organised, casual or competitive sport, and indigenous sports or games. Sports contribute to physical fitness, mental and emotional well-being and social […]

Role of music in enhancing the quality of education

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Music may actually be the most nourishing food for the ears; the hearing capacity is best enhanced by training the ears for good music. Learning music not only involves training the vocals and playing an instrument by fingers, but also active listening, imitating, improvising, composing, comparing and contrasting, refining, interpreting, recording and notating, practising, rehearsing, […]

Expectation parents have of good teacher

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It makes better sense to discuss this question directly with parents. The discussion that follows could be directly shared with parents, without any need to edit. It is a very important question for two interesting reasons: Even school principals do not really have a universal, consistent and transparent framework (and instruments) to evaluate teachers. Teachers […]

In the USA, Indians have established themselves as world-class professionals. Why the same education system seems to be stressed out now?

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The Former President of  the USA, Barack Obama, was not lying or playing out highly strategic deceit when he praises Bangalore and Beijing children for outsmarting American children. However, his reference population is the highly successful, India-born or educated (or some first-generation US-born Indian Americans) diaspora. In the process, he is talking about the Indian […]