What must be done to make education interesting for children

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The teaching and learning of social sciences in schools may be the weakest link in school education since the global expansion of the public school system nearly two centuries ago. More interestingly, there may have been quite a design behind keeping social science teaching a little ‘messed up’ because history, geography and civics mark the […]

Even the ‘best of schools’ fail to ensure excellence in maths and science education

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The primary purpose of maths and science education is the nurturance of logical intelligence (the ability to reason, deduce, infer, critically analyze and be creative). A’100% score in maths and science’ until Class X for every student is a national-community imperative as much as an educational right of every child. A logical bent of mind […]

Future of Entertainment

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Pay-per-laugh and tweet from your seat Creativity keeps the entertainment industry thriving, but recent digital innovations are taking it to another experiential dimension. Charlotte Lytton writes for CNN how future tech is transforming the entertainment business in its all forms. She reveals how an intergalactic adventure movie, Interstellar, with virtual reality headset, paired with a […]

‘Industrial-era’ schools seem to be grossly under-delivering

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You may be totally surprised by our assertion that the schools are not under-delivering! Schools, as we see them today, were the social invention of a fast industrializing western society to ‘mass-produce’ ‘adequately literate and numerate’ industrial workers out its largely agricultural populace. To top it, the above goal was made ‘assuredly achievable’ by ‘not […]

Future of Fashion

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The future of fashion is code, not couture, says designers As wearable tech matures, designer collaborations are everywhere. From Swarovski to Tag and everywhere in between, wearable technology is moving away from horrid black boxes and into luxurious designs. And as the tech gets smaller, top designers can push the boundaries even further. However, this […]

Why maths requires a lot of practice to master

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To be true, everything needs practice to achieve excellence. In fact, at the ‘highest level’ the two legs of learning are: Recognising new things/facts/perspectives/linkages (through any of the 5 senses) – essentially registering new things in the short term memory Internalising something already registered – embedding the ‘new things’ in long-term memory The internalisation process […]