World’s best KG to X Academics Under 200*hours!

*All concepts in KG to X Math, Science and Social sciences, and education

“What the best and wisest parent wants for his child, that must we want for all the children of the community. Anything less is unlovely, and left unchecked, destroys our democracy.”

– John Dewey, 1896, Chicago

Why The Family College is for YOU!

New economic foundation (AI & ‘Industry 4.0’) ⇒ New human capabilities.
Children learn from role-model adults, be that person in your child’s life.
Secure dream bonding, joy & wealth as a family, it’s not at all hard to get.

Good academic foundation is one such must-have capabilities in the AI age.

Five key academic capabilities

Five key academic achievements

The Family College is just the partner you need to be ‘best and wisest parent.’

Five key identifiers of ‘best and wisest parents’

Five ways we power ASPIRING PARENTS

How The Family College works for you!

Educate parents on education and I - X math, science & social science, & ‘careers’. Mode - physical, online & ‘Family edition books’; up to 25 hours/year, for 2-4 years. Success in math is the touchstone; inventive work on reading, writing skills of children.

The Family College critically complements & supplements your child’s education.

Empowering YOU to plug the holes in education system

Empowering YOU with newer capabilities to educate children (and self)

How we deliver the two most critical abilities – Mathematics and Reading and Writing.

‘100/100’ in AI-age Mathematics (as THE language of ‘definite’)

Powering THINKING prowess; words anchor thoughts (& imagination)

The Most Inimical Myth (about parenting)

The most damaging myth –
‘(Best) Schooling = Education!’

The truth – ‘(Best) Parenting = Best education’. ALL parents can be ‘Best parents’.​


The founders of TFC, are the living examples of the same – they (re)studied mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, English language, art, design, music, etc. to raise the bar of all developmental stimuluses for their (‘home-schooled’) daughter.

There were NO specific hours of academic teachings for her until about three months before her Grade X (IGCSE, CIE) and XII (A-level, CIE) exams (and she had all A and A*).

‘Good Parenting’ elevates parents beyond measures – personally, socially and professionally.

Reinvent Yourself

The Family College’s real goal is YOU, to support your self-actualisation. For, educating children is the last opportunity to be the dream self. It is a two-decade long phase, spoil yourself; a new you is possible.

TFC, The Readers’ School

500 books to be read, contextualised & anchored by the inimitable 'Family edition' of books.

All that is Physics
(3 Volumes)

All that is Chemistry
(3 Volumes)

The science
that is Biology
(3 Volumes)

The Selfish Gene
The molecule
that made the world
The Remarkable
Life of the Skin
Storm in a teacup

The Disappearing Spoon
The Strange Chemistry...
For the love a physics
The brain that changed itself
Physics and philosophy

A collection of nearly 100 books

Foundation of Physical Geography
(4 Volumes)

Human Geography
(3 Volumes)

Science of History
(2 Volumes)

Story of Nations

Brief history of earth
The Slave Trade
The Silk Roads
The geography of nowhere
The power of Geography
The rise and fall of the
great powers

A collection of nearly 100 books

Mathematising Division
(3 Volumes)

All that matters in Math
(3 Volumes)

Calculus for Professionals
(3 Volumes)

Love and Math
The Joy of X:
A Guided Tour of Math
The Hidden Maths of Everyday Life
Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea

A history of Mathematics
Our Mathematical Universe
50 Greatest Mathematicians
Humble Pi:
A Comedy of Maths Errors

A collection of nearly 50 books

Foundation of mathematical thinking
(3 Volumes)

Foundation of mathematical thinking
(5 Volumes)

Foundation of mathematical thinking
(2 Volumes)

Foundation of mathematical thinking
(2 Volumes)

THE TFC Heutagogy

(Self-directed learning)

Location and Channels

Various cities across India, and the world, for physical sessions. Pre-school, Primary, Middle school(the contents would support up to Grade X)


20 hours for Pre-school over & year (One physical session of 10 hours, and 10 online hours). 75 hours for Primary over 3 years (Four physical sessions of 40 hours, and 35 online hours). 150 hours for Middle over 5 years (Five physical sessions of 50 hours, and 100 online hours).

Mode of education

Physical sessions, Online sessions and Community, and unique ‘Family edition’ academic books. Each cohort of physical and online sessions to be for a group of 10 families. Each physical session to be 10 hours long, over two consecutive days. Each online session to be 90 minutes long, more as Q & A session. Online community to be a separate support with varying levels of interactions.


Math and language learning for Pre-school; math, language learning, and Math and language learning pathways for Pre-school; math, language learning, and foundations of science and society and more for Primary years; Math, sciences, social sciences, language learning, and career discovery for Middle years.

Reading (English)

Two slots of reading communities with a mentor for 5 days a week, one hour a day. To be true, this is an experimental reading development plan, but it would rapidly evolve.

Writing (English)

Two platforms for developing best writing skills – public and private. Both the programmes would be 5 days a week – 3 academic/critical and 2 creative.

Assessment & Evaluation

Tools for parents for planned and on-demand of learning of children.


The Family College A- 43, Second Floor, Zamrudpur, GK-1,
New Delhi 110048

On the Founders, Sandeep and Saloni Srivastava –