‘Industry 4.0’ may be our Golden Gate to Blue Ocean strategy for an organically sustainable earth and esprit. ‘Quantity of quality education’ and (truly) gracious society are the two imperatives to that end.

We’ve unparalleled models & resources for education and societal reconstruction, globally.

In the immediate – Quality Transformation in Schools –
Focused on Teachers and Parents

Trusted Teachers

Let us get the name out of the way - Trusted teachers are co-learners, committed to move away from ‘teaching’ for the love of children. Trusted teachers respond to re-education (‘training.)’

The quality as well as the quantity of teacher re-education is the elephant in the room of national school systems, and, surprise as it may, it is as challenging for the best of individual, private schools.

To the point, teacher re-education is fraught with two debilitating deficits – one relating to quantity, and the other quality of re-education outcomes. First, the quantitative lack – all teacher re-education are founded on the default ‘school design and culture’ that accepts as natural the vastly varied achievements of students (worse, frames the blame of all failures on children and parents); vast majority of students remain unaffected by ‘trained teachers.’

Second, the quality misstep – academic leadership is not located in schools; schools cannot, by themselves, audit, innovate, and handhold teachers to transform classroom outcomes. Schools are almost wholly dependent on external resources for re-education, audit, and remedial. This is patently untenable.

Thus, teacher re-education has to uproot the ‘school culture’ that accepts ‘even a single struggling or slow-learning students,’ (by ensuring EVERY STAFF of every school personally enjoys success in all of academics, till Grade X at the least.) Re-education must also always create the locus of ‘content leadership’ within every school to sustain and customise (by ensuring re-education content that is learner-centric and logically best presented.)

Long story short, of all that is transacted in schools, mathematics is the only subject/domain that can realise the culture of excellence, and all school leaders (Principals, Incharges, ‘Class teachers’, etc.) could be developed to be competent to closely support teachers achieve better outcomes for all students (till Grade VIII, or X.)

The FL@T Project has created unique, next-gen teacher education programme that kick-starts creation of a culture of excellence and empowers school leaders to audit (and amend) mathematics education till Grade VIII.  


I Service : Ensuring every teacher succeeds

II Service : Ensuring every family succeeds

The Family College

Parents are the other pillar of the formal education system, besides their role in culturally raising children in a secure and loving context. Unfortunately, the K-12 school system belittles parent’s (and community’s) role in education, despite effectively failing the vast majority of students in academics.

We are living the most sci-tech times, and its intensity is only accelerating. EVERY child must succeed academically, same-outcome academic excellence at 18 years of age is non-negotiable.

The Family College offers world’s best school-curricula academics (KG to X) to families as a unit, to parents to be the model co-learners for all academic education. To empower parents to never having to resort to any kind of supplementary education, its ill-effects are too many. To equip parents to effectively support quality education of children despite increasing economic distress.

The Family College rides on the back of new-genre, ‘Family edition’ of curricular books. The books are peerlessly threaded by the respective domain’s conceptual constructs. The books also accentuate learning because these are peerlessly ‘reading books’ (reading texts is the only way to visualise and verbalise complex conceptual constructs), even mathematics is ten volumes of reading.

In the immediate – Impactful Leadership Initiative –
Focused on Schools and Corporates

Business Continuity – Enabling the engines of wealth to excel

Corporates are already experiencing indescribable opportunities and threats of 4IR and AI. Individual corporates can do little to influence the impacts of such epochal changes, matching the nimble footsteps of the times. Fortunately, the might to fight is uni-axial – people. IF only EVERY business can ensure that its human resource can continually grow and refine the emerging opportunities, humanity will continue to add new wealth.

To the point, developing the Science and technology quotient of corporate employees is a critical imperative. And the starting point of the same is comprehensively mathematising thinking of all employees of corporates.

The FL@T Project offers a few training pathways for this mathematisation.

Interestingly, there is another partnership we offer businesses – complementing and supplementing employee families in taking charge of the educational context of children (and ‘academically reinventing’ themselves too, in that process.). Education of children may be the most challenging task before (younger) parents and addressing that need is going to be an immensely valuable contribution to employee productivity and retention.

Business Continuity – Enabling the engines of wealth to excel

III Service : Every executive a productive leader

Minting Mentors – Virtuous second careers

IV Service : Every principal an academic leader

Minting Mentors – Virtuous second careers

The lived reality is that economic systems dictate social institutions, such as education. The swift and incessant rise of AI and 4IR has powered unprecedentedly disruptive, global, sci-tech, ‘winner takes it all’, and complex economic systems. The current foundational education system – K-12 – is too gapped out for raising adults to make AI and 4IR infrastructure work for them.

Relevantly, governments cannot design the next-gen (school) education system, for the same reasons that they could not even stem its current slide into oblivion. Private, socially-minded individuals and organisations have now the task of refounding the next formal education. It must be added this is the most ideal design of education system – by the society, for the society, of the society.

The FL@T Project will undertake very large scale training of youth in 20s for new-age math tutors (up to Grade X), and second career opportunity for successful corporate executives seeking a more social and balanced lifestyle (as The Family College Learner Mentors).


Sandeep and Saloni lead by example, and act as learner mentor to some children all the time. They offer a 25-hour ‘Mathematical Living’ for children in Grades V-VIII (accompanied by a parent.)

In the short-term – Revolutionary Mainstreaming of Supplementary Education (Starting with Math)

‘Cent Percent Mathematics’ Learning Centres (KG – XII)

The current format of school education (K-12) was founded around 200 years ago almost exclusively for academic education at a mass scale. It has drift far too away from that academic focus, and acquired many other educational goals earlier imparted within families and communities. Worse, academic education has quite moved out of schools to supplementary sources, such as tuition, coaching, online resources, etc. However, we are living the most sci-tech of times, and academic excellence is non-negotiable.

Can schools be turned around to refocus on academics, and to the level it is required in these times, and ahead? A nearly impossibility in the K-12 system, it needs transformative reforms. Significantly, one of the reforms is ‘mainstreaming the supplementary’ – formally acknowledging the secondary role of schools in academics (and schools to better focus on all other aspects of education.) The Liberal School is the other option – the transformed school system – presented ahead. ‘Cent Percent Mathematics’ Learning Centre is just the new-age academic education medium. It would be largely online, very inventively and extensively organised, but physical centres would be enabled for youth entrepreneurs. The online centre is critical for K-8 because parent education will be the primary focus, best reached online. Success in mathematics would only be the beginning, the first certain achievement, followed by all other subjects.

‘Cent Percent Mathematics’ Learning Centres (KG – XII)

V Service : Universal academic excellence

Cent Percent Mathematics Innovation Centres (IX – XII)

VI Service : Innovation centre

Cent Percent Mathematics Innovation Centres (IX – XII)

One of the most promising changes due to AI and 4IR is the comprehensiveness of the conceptual foundation of school curricula to professionally ride on the 4IR backbone; of course, it assumes every child (equally) succeeds in K-12 academics. Grades IX-XII years should be harnessed for inculcating research and innovation capabilities, across all domains of knowledge. The curricular academics of these grades would be transacted online, and these centres would be the resources centres to access peers, mentors, and other means.

Medium-term Initiatives – The New-age Schools and Societal & Governance Renaissance

The Liberal School

The Liberal School heralds a new era in education, aligning with the transformative influence of Artificial Intelligence. It introduces a fresh educational philosophy, redefined processes, and innovative resources, positioning itself as a vital complement and supplement to family, community, and society as learning spaces.

At its core, the Liberal School is a sci-tech-centered initiative designed to break away from traditional norms, de-formalizing education. It challenges the notion that ‘school’ should be the exclusive learning space in the AI age. Instead, it proposes a paradigm shift to make learning a dynamic and continuous journey by resourcing learners and empowering parents as active contributors to the process.

The proposed model envisions an immersive five-year experience for 8-9 year-old readers, covering the entire K-12 syllabi. This education is anchored in fundamental pillars—reading, writing, math, observations, conversations—while being deeply rooted in cultural context.

The Liberal School (TLS) boldly leads the way in pioneering STAMP education, seamlessly integrating Science, Technology, Arts, Math, and Philosophy. This innovative approach transcends traditional boundaries, creating an empowered and fluid continuum between school and home. The result is an environment that not only accelerates academic development but also nurtures a holistic understanding of the world, fostering well-rounded and forward-thinking individuals.

This visionary approach has been meticulously crafted over two decades of research, focusing on the intersection of education and technology. Under the mentorship of Sandeep and Saloni, the Liberal School emerges as a response to identified gaps in K-12 education.

VII Service : The Liberal School

VIII Service : Not-for-profit FL@T Society

FL@T Society

Society is a biological need, we did not ‘create it’, and we were literally born into one. In fact, it could be said that the cell of societies – family – may have been the after-development. An assertive (thick cultured), secure, and gracious society is no less important than oxygen and water. However, we are witnessing a rapidly decline of (national) societies, consequent to the rise of thin-cultured individuals and sub-societies, as well as formalisation of societies (rules rule the roost, much like how governments function). Historical evidences abound of the implosion of divided civilisations, and the current humankind may be heading in that direction.

To the point, ‘flatter’ (national) societies – least dimensions and depths of division, same-quality education to all, and assurance of (economic) dignity – is the only way forward. Organically, and historically ensuring ‘due education’ of all has been the primary business of societies (security was the primary task of its social institution called state, and government.)

Education is how societies secure identity and continuity; to be true, the extreme institutionalisation of education, by way of the extensive formal education system, is bane of humankind. Societies exercise soft power and it’s induced through education.

We are committed to making societies inclusive, self-governed, and vibrant through ‘same-outcome’ and contemporary education that best rides on AI and 4IR opportunities.