Chief Data Officers

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In a conversation with MicroStrategy CMO Mark Gambill, he described the rise of a new type of role—the chief data officer (click here for article). As part of that conversation, he suggested I talk with Matthew Thomas, CDO, Pandera Systems, a leader in helping firms deliver analytics and automated decision capabilities, to better understand why […]

How has the (expected) role of parents changed in the past 200 years?

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We all know about the legendary transcontinental Silk Route that connected nations into dependent relationships. Similarly, the goods available at market places of major urban centres in Greece included wheat and slaves from Egypt, grains from the Black Sea (especially via Byzantium), salt fish from the Black Sea, wood (especially for shipbuilding) from Macedonia. Industrialisation […]

All about blockchain

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Blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology right now. But what is it? And why are all your friends and family talking about it? Let’s start from the beginning. The first major application of blockchain technology was bitcoin which was released in 2009. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and the blockchain is the technology […]

Many children start faltering from Class IX onwards. Why does it happen?

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For many students, the academic performance is a story of steady fall for years. Truly, teachers know the reality and even a somewhat attentive parent can easily discern the same by the level of academic engagement of their children, within and outside classrooms. For these students, the schooling years are actually regressive. Unfortunately, the regression […]