Future of Marriage

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Marriage in the 21st Century It takes two to marry but only one to end the marriage. The institution of marriage is being influenced by many fundamental shifts in society. While two decades ago, there could be a somewhat same universal definition, meaning and importance of marriage, the same cannot be said today about marriage. […]

Evaluating if there is any good in the Olympiads, ‘Smart classes’, ‘IIT coaching in schools’, ‘NASA trips’

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A recurring theme in the book is the medium to long term ill-effects of supplementary inputs (such as tuition) on children’s academic performance and overall development; too many masters are never a good idea. It must also be emphasised that schools are professionally best organised and resourced to offer ‘educationally appropriate’ inputs. More specifically, we […]

Ideal financial planning for the higher education of children

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Education has become fairly expensive in absolute terms and calls for better planning of finances. There is an interesting twist, however, to the whole context, goals, and the process of higher education – the best quality higher education could increasingly be organised outside formal classrooms! And at the prices comparable to 1990s levels and lesser! […]

How has the (expected) role of parents changed in the past 200 years?

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We all know about the legendary transcontinental Silk Route that connected nations into dependent relationships. Similarly, the goods available at market places of major urban centres in Greece included wheat and slaves from Egypt, grains from the Black Sea (especially via Byzantium), salt fish from the Black Sea, wood (especially for shipbuilding) from Macedonia. Industrialisation […]