Reading is the most enriching learning process

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Surprising as it may sound, reading is the most extensive as well as intensive thinking process known to humans, far more than brainstorming sessions on a topic or the toughest intellectual problem-solving.Reading requires the automatic integration of several ‘deep-thinking’ processes. Here is a sample of such processes to the extent we could list (neuroscientists can […]

How do we read

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Reading is an acquired skill – we have to learn to read. The earliest record of written language (an organised system of symbols) is somewhere around 4000 BC. And as a skill for the masses, it is only a few centuries old. The invention of the printing press in the middle of the last millennium […]

Future of Construction

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China builds 57-storey skyscraper in 19 days 3 storeys a day was the pace employed by a Chinese developer to build an entire 57 storey skyscraper using prefabricated bricks. The original plans were more ambitious, to tower the building to 220 storeys but were culled due to concerns of being too close to the airport. […]