Future of Automobile

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Will Google disrupt the automobile industry? What does Blackberry, DEC, IBM, Kodak, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia have in common? They were all market leaders that fell prey to disruptive technology. These companies are also examples of companies following ‘sustained innovation’ in which each new model or version upended only small incremental improvements. Albeit profitable, this linear […]

Future of Neighbourhood

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The neighbourhood of the future Andres Duany, renowned architect and city planner, in an interview with USA Today, says that in only a few decades, based on current market trends, demographic changes and economic realities, the town of the future will be a place where people “will walk and ride more and drive less. And […]

What’s cyber-bullying? How it’s different from traditional bullying?

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Cyber-bullying is the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner. It is the use of services such as web pages and discussion groups as well as instant messaging or SMS text messaging to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour, by an individual or group, […]

Future of Equality

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Richest 1% will own more than half the world. OECD reports that the gap between the haves and the have-nots globally is now at the same level as in the 1820s, citing it as one of the most ‘worrying’ developments over the past 200 years. It pointed that inequality shot up after globalisation took root […]

Why teacher-centric education is our biggest handicap?

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There is no way 250 million students could be taught to academic excellence in a second language (poor children must succeed in ‘academic-level’ English, ‘educationists’ and politicians cannot dictate otherwise) when effectively over 90% of the students are first-generation learners and are from more than 6,00,000 villages! Instead, what we need is an education system […]

When does teaching not lead to learning?

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Teaching does not lead to learning if teaching is ‘feeding to know’: teachers are not very passionate about the subject they teach teachers are not role models, e.g., a teacher is often unfair teachers don’t seek/provide student-centered learning materials/notes teachers don’t make assessments, evaluation, performance reporting as formative tools teachers are not good story tellers […]

Future of Family/Living together

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Meet the families of 2030: the factors shaping future generations – Dragon Rouge (November 20th, 2013) Exploring the changing dynamics of the family provides a fascinating context for understanding an individuals’ choices. We’ve spent the last four months identifying the influencing factors that will shape the family of the future. The following factors are creating […]

Future of Gender Roles

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Women will lead Generation Y – what will men do? – Healy Rebecca (2014) Evolution from an industrial to a knowledge economy realises the day of Hercules – known for strength, dominance, and authority – as fleeting. “Men could become losers in a global economy that values mental power over might,” Business Week argued. The […]