Personal MISSION

Inventive Enterprise Design

Incubate new organisational model(s) of ownership, agency, capital, processes, and resources to create an innovative, ethically professional, global enterprise.

Active Business Intelligence

Active business intelligence for the masses. Resources and networks to continually equip one self to reinvent business model, product, services, design and delivery, organisational skills, and markets.

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One-generation Transformation

An educational system that guarantees personal transformation in one generation itself. Personalisation of world-leading, self-directed and lifelong educational opportunities and communities for all, to best synthesise choices for self and family.

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Re-energise Democracy

Re-energise democracy – redefine politician, direct (digital) democracy, ‘free thinking’ citizens. Re-engineering democracy in India – tech-facilitated and intense disruption in formal and informal governance structures, cadre-less political parties.

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Professional MISSION

School Revolution

Becoming Effective, Successful, (finally) Living School

Personal Revolution

Academic Success, Happy Family, Entrepreneurship

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Human Revolution

Thinker, Humanist, Symbiont

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Political Revolution

Sociocracy, AI in Governance, Globalisation

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how can we be mutually meaningful?

Falling in love with mathematics

Nurturing ‘reading family’, excel in the language of academics/business

Let ‘schooling’ not interfere with your child’s education

Enriching 21st century career

Enliving citizenship for a ‘citizen-centric’ governance

Improving quality of life of community around you