The ‘ideal financial planning’ for higher education of children

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Education has become fairly expensive in absolute terms and calls for better planning of finances. There is an interesting twist, however, to the whole context, goals, and the process of higher education – the best quality higher education could increasingly be organised outside formal classrooms! And at the prices comparable to 1990s levels and lesser! […]

Chief Innovation Officers

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Big Data And Analytics Will Fundamentally Change How Public Services Are Produced And Consumed In Urban Areas Over The Next Few Years, And Many Cities Expect The Chief Innovation Officer To Figure Out How Best To Adapt To This Fast-Evolving Landscape. Dallas is looking to hire a “Chief Innovation Officer.” The job ad says the […]

Any Correlation between parents’ investment levels in children and their grades

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A very pertinent question in the context of increasing disposable income of parents but reducing ‘quality time’ within families, there is no definite positive correlation between children’s grades and their parents’ investment in them. An interesting article titled “Financial help from parents leads to fall in students’ grades”, by Tamar Lewin, January 16, 2013, in […]