Future of Architecture

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The future of the architecture profession – Donnelly Brandon Architecture schools need to teach more about business and making money. There would still need to be an ‘architect of record’, whose name would appear on the building permit and who would ultimately end up shouldering the liability for the design. You see, a bifurcation has […]

Some innovations to help improve teaching of English

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The need for innovations in the teaching of English needs no emphasis. ‘Learning good English’ is the most aspirational educational goal families across India hold for their children.However, innovations in teaching English have to be ‘home-grown’ because no other major country in the world uses a second-language (such as English for Indians) as the medium […]

Future of Sports

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Arm wrestling with technology In 2012, South African athlete Oscar Pistorius, with his prosthetic limbs, became the first double leg amputee to participate and compete with able bodied athletes in the Olympics. What was more remarkable is that he proceeded to win two gold and one silver medal. However, this wasn’t without controversy because of […]

Future of Time (Management)

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Why you and I are so busy? “Busyness is now the social norm that people feel they must conform to, Burnett says, or risk being outcasts.” – Brigid Schulte, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time Selina Wang in a blogger for Huffington post and Lori Deschene, author and founder of […]

Do we need to overhaul sports education in schools? How?

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To start with, we wish to share a couple of stark observations about sports education in schools: Sports has always been considered an ‘extra-curricular’ subject – sports is treated as an optional subject beyond the compulsory educational domain of schools (‘overall development’ was considered extra-curricular,) and parents could not care less. This neglect of the […]