Context of New-age-career

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For the most part of human history, it was believed that one’s brought in the world endowed with a unique set of talents, determined by his birth. Therefore, people pursued the same careers throughout generations to fulfill one’s purpose in life with their work. Career was the destiny determined by one’s birth – Career 1.0; […]

Future of Industry (Operations)

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The physical internet arrives “Over the past 200 years, the world has experienced two major waves of innovation. First, the Industrial Revolution brought us machines and factories, railways, electricity, air travel, and our lives have never been the same. Then the Internet revolution brought us computing power, data networks, unprecedented access to information and communication, […]

Future of Energy

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Future of Energy is green Just 200 years ago, our main energy source was wood. Now, even though we have a pleothra of energy sources to choose from, including a growing range of renewable energy technologies, we are faced with a crisis of energy security. How and at what cost can we keep supplying energy […]